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Know more about us...

We were born to be your Digital Family Office

Beacon was established with the vision of providing products comprehensive, similar to family offices, tailored specifically for tech founders in the LATAM region

Our Unique Approach

Beacon combines the best practices of traditional family offices with an in-depth understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by LATAM tech founders. We offer a holistic range of services, including wealth management, tax planning, legal support, and philanthropy, all customized to align with the specific goals and aspirations of tech founders. Our emphasis on confidentiality, personalization, and long-term relationships sets us apart in the industry.

How Beacon stands out

Unlike conventional family offices, Beacon is uniquely focused on the needs and aspirations of LATAM tech founders, offering specialized services and insights.

Our commitment to innovation, personalization, and long-term relationships makes Beacon the preferred choice for tech founders seeking comprehensive wealth management solutions.

Family Office skills

Harness the power of seasoned financial expertise with our Family Office skills. We offer custom-tailored wealth management, tax planning, and estate planning services, ensuring your assets are secure and grow prosperously for generations.

Venture Capital skills

Leverage our deep experience in Venture Capital. We understand the intricacies of investing in high-growth tech startups, offering insightful advice, risk management, and a keen eye for spotting outstanding opportunities.

Technology skills

Benefit from our profound technology prowess. We use cutting-edge tech tools and analytics to provide advanced financial solutions and services, ensuring efficient, transparent, and personalized management of your assets.

Don't settle for ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary